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Ubuntu 20.04 free Download

Ubuntu 20.04 free Download. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS was released on April 23, 2020succeeding Ubuntu 19.10-live-server Free Download as the latest stable release of this hugely popular Linux-based operating system — but what’s new?

Well, six months of blood, sweat and development tears have gone in to making Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (codenamed “Focal Fossa”). The result is a substantial set of improvements that enhance just about every part of the OS, from boot speed to app appearance to bundled software.Ubuntu Desktop 18.04.3 Free Download

In this post I spotlight the top Ubuntu 20.04 LTS features, changes and improvements you will find, and share the download link you need to get an .iso you can try!

Ubuntu 20.04 Release Date

Ubuntu 20.04 was released on Thursday April 23, 2020.

The release date was first revealed on Launchpad (the home of Ubuntu development) and later echoed on the Ubuntu wiki.

Other important milestones to occur throughout the Focal Fossa development cycle include:

Faster boot times mean you get to the login screen sooner — which is where you’ll notice some changes. User pods and password fields are now centre-aligned (they should be the focus, after all), while the user session switcher moves to the lower right:

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: Login Screen

Accompanying the revamped login screen is a brand new lock screen. This is not only easier to use (it not longer requires you to “slide up” to reveal the password field) but has a real visual presence by using a blurred version of the desktop wallpaper:

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: New Lock Screen

On the topic of things that look nice, Ubuntu’s community-based design team have spent this development cycle working on a refined look and feel for Yaru, the system GTK, icon and shell theme.

For example, the colour of folder icons has changed from Ubuntu’s trademark orange to a heavy grey colour with inner gradient:

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: Grey Folder Icons

As part of the effort there is a new dark mode setting in Ubuntu 20.04, prodding that the distro is more than able to keep pace with rival OSes.

Ubuntu’s new dark theme can be turned on from the Settings > Appearance section, as can a full light theme:

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: Dark Mode

I also have to give mention to Ubuntu’s new default wallpaper. This boasts an illustrated ‘Fossa’, the codename animal for this release, which appears to be shooting lasers from its eyes:

Ubuntu 20.04's New Wallpaper

Talking of eyes, if you struggle to navigate your computer at standard resolution you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s easier to turn on fractional scaling support in Ubuntu 20.04.

The addition of an on/off toggle for Fractional Scaling in the Display settings panel makes it super simple to incrementally scale UI elements in a graceful manner. When turned on you can select UI scaling values between 100% and 200%, including the 125% sweet spot:

A summary of new Ubuntu 20.04 features:

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